Peruvian Brew Review - A Woman's Perspective

​You want the truth?  Get it from a woman who enjoys it as much as her man...

​This may shock you, but I am a woman writing this review after ​​OUR experience with The Peruvian Brew.

Hi there!  My name is Jess and I am writing this detailed review of the Peruvian Brew to help spread the word about how this product can not only reduce the symptoms of ED, can dramatically improve intimacy for both partners.

I know what you are thinking, wait a second - how can a woman write a review for an ED product?  Simple.  I share and enjoy the results that my husband as achieved now that we have added this supplement to our routine.

Peruvian Brew powder

It has literally improved all aspects of our relationship.  ​Things are better than ever, it's like we are in our 20s again.

But it wasn't always like this.  For a while, we had stopped having sex ​because my husband was never in the mood.  What he wasn't telling me was that he didn't want to try intimacy because he was afraid that his soft erections would turn me off.  And I am not going to lie, it is just not as fun to be intimate with someone who isn't fully hard.  In fact, it not only doesn't feel good - but it creates an emotional wedge between partners.  The man is embarassed he can't get it up, and the woman feels like she is not attractive enough.  What usually happens is intimacy just fades, and the couple become friends or worse yet, just room-mates.

But it doesn't have to be that way.  With the right combination of natural ingredients that improve libido, blood flow and sensitivity, any man can begin to enjoy intimacy with his partner at any age.

Luckily, we found The Peruvian Brew while doing some research int natural ways to reduce the symptoms of ED.  Once we read all of the positive reviews and testimonials, we both knew we had to give it a try.

And thank goodness we did.  But more on that later.

Back to our experience with the Peruvian Brew.  Let me start by saying it is easy to mix, quick to drink, tastes delicious. and works incredibly fast.  Yes, I tried a small sip.  I am sure it wouldn't hurt me, but I have researched how the ingredients respond with females.   Maybe I will try it, just for fun, but that is for another day.  This is all about how it helps my husband get and maintain firm, engorged erections.

​It makes our intimacy more enjoyable, and it also has helped eliminate any anxiety that my husband was feeling prior to use being intimate.

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​What Is The Peruvian brew?

The Peruvian Brew is a natural dietary supplement that has been used for thousands of years by the elders in the Peruvian jungle to help improve libido, erections and intimacy.

​The Peruvian brew is a powder that can be mixed with 8 ounces of water to create a brew that helps increase blood-flow and enhance male sensitivity, resulting in an increase in libido and fuller, stronger, more satisfying, erections.

Peruvian Elder drinking the brew

​What Do Users Have To Say?

​Here are some user testimonials...

How Quickly Does It Work?

​Amazingly, and most shocking to my husband and I was it starts to work within 15-20 minutes.  Let's just say, be prepared and make sure you have some place to get private!

​What Are The Peruvian Brew Ingredients

The ingredients in the Peruvian Brew were all selected because of their natural health benefits related to improving blood flow, libido and sensitivity.

peruvian brew ingredients

​As you can see in the picture I took, the ingredients are all natural, but let's break them down below.

1. Ginko biloba leaf extract - 60mg

2. Dong quai root extract - 540mg

3. Epimedium extract - 500mg

​4. Korean ginseng root - 300mg

5. Maca root - 500mg

​6. Yohibe bark extract - 20mg

​7. L-Arginine - 1,000mg

8. Black pepper - 50mg

9. Pineapple concentrate powder - 500mg

​Other ingredients: Citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, sucralose, and silica.

​OK - But What Do You Actually Get?

​What Do You Get With Your Order?

​When you buy The Peruvian Brew online from the secure website, you also get a quite a few awesome things in addition to just the powder.

You get a full copy of Erect on Demand, the award winning system that has helped thousands of men finally get rid of their ED.  This comprehensive system not only covers the causes of Erectile Dysfunction, but also explains how to get rid of it permanently.  It also has sections on improving intimacy and performance, which is great especially from my female perspective.  Yes, I enjoy intimacy.

You also get these 5 amazing bonuses:

  • Mr. Big - how to maximize the size of your unit.

  • Instant Orgasms - secret positions that guarantee earth shattering orgasms.

  • 33 Innocent Words That Turn Her On - how to inject innocent words into normal conversation to turn her on.

  • Titan Stamina - how to dramatically improve how long you can last.

  • Text Her Panties Off - simple text messages that will have her begging to be with you.

  • A full PDF copy of Erect on Demand.

  • Plus much more..
the peruvian brew bonuses

​​Who Can Benefit From ​This?

​The obvious answer is any man who is dealing with any form of ED, but to most peoples surprise, it also is a huge benefit to the partners of the men who are suffering with ED... both physically and mentally.

​My Final Thoughts On The Peruvian Brew

​If you've read this whole page, you obviously can tell that I am a big fan.  Not to mention the satisfaction I see on my husband's face now that he no longer has to worry about performance issues.  This literally has changed our life and we couldn't be happier.

I would love for you to experience what we have, and benefit from this amazing product.  So join us today.​